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Listen to Scott Oliver Interviewed by Louis Allport & Jeremy Gislason and Discover How a Rugby Coach and Family Man in Scotland has Started to Earn Money Online Using Private Label Videos...

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From the desk of Louis Allport

Hi fellow entrepreneur,

It all started with a single e-mail.

And it's a good job I don't take offence easily, because the e-mail was a bit "curt"... to put it mildly!.

It pointed out -- in no uncertain terms -- that it was a bit rich for me, and my fellow entrepreneurs, to talk grandly about making money online, because I was an experienced product creator, who worked at it full time.

But... the writer demanded... what about all of us guys and gals in the real world, working nine to five on the job treadmill, whilst trying to get started online in our limited spare time. Coming home exhausted after a day's work and just not having the time or energy left to do much of anything. We simply didn't have days and days to spend writing e-books and learning how to create and edit videos. And we didn't have a truckload of spare cash to buy all that
software and equipment.

And he ended by saying all he wanted to do was make some money now... not in ten years time, when he was too old and tired to enjoy it!

Now I must confess it troubled me to be thought of in this way, whilst others were struggling to even get started, or then make a decent living.

So I didn't know how to reply. So I decided to defer replying until the following morning, which - as it turned out - is very fortunate for you, as you'll soon discover...

I simply couldn't get this e-mail out of my head, even when I went to bed that night. Surprisingly, after tossing and turning most of the night, I woke up bright and early next morning and - almost before I'd swung my feet to the floor... it hit me.

So I grabbed a pad and jotted down my big idea

Then I spent the morning and most of the afternoon excitedly pacing the floor...waiting.

I had to wait because Nevada time is eight hours behind the UK, where I live, and I desperately wanted to hear what my good friend, Jeremy Gislason, thought.

You see, I had the idea of a very special sort of membership site to give people the REAL information they needed to start up fast... and start prospering even faster. But not from some "wise guy webmaster" (as my irate correspondent had so delicately put it)... but direct from the horse's mouth.

But the idea was so novel, I was concerned I was making the very same mistake I often caution others to avoid... falling in love with the product.

Finally, after an eternity, the hands on the clock snapped round to 3 o'clock and I knew Jeremy would be just about awake and able to take my call.

I need not have worried, because he loved it!

And, as a result we've got together to bring to you something I think you'll agree is pretty unique.

This is a membership site but with a decided difference. In fact it has several unusual features. So let me first tell you two things we WON'T be doing, then you'll begin to see why this is so very different to anything else you've come across before.

Not only is this site unique, it's also brand new... and that means something very special for YOU!

Here's one thing we WON'T be doing....

We WON'T be preening ourselves and telling you how we live our luxurious, mink-lined internet guru existence, where we create million dollar products with a couple of clicks of our diamond encrusted mouses or how we regularly fly out to exotic tropical islands in private Lear jets to meet other "gurus" and decide who is the next one due to make a multi-million dollar killing with the next mega product Super Tuesday launch!

Instead of all that... we're doing something completely different

We are going to allow REAL PEOPLE to step up to the microphone and tell you, in their own words, exactly how they have got started and even how they have made SIX FIGURE incomes, simply by working smart instead of working hard. And I really do mean "tell" you, because we've produced audios to make it so easy for you to really soak up their knowledge, so you can put it to work for you, right away.

We've got people like Scott Oliver. Now, just as you probably have right now, Scott has a very full time job. He spends long hours behind the wheel of his truck, on the road for forty or more hours every week. Meanwhile he has a wife and three children back home, clamoring for his attention, as soon as he puts his key in the door. And then coaching his team of Rugby players takes up a whole bunch of time too. But, if you think that hasn't left him any time to make money online, you'd be wrong.

Because - despite all that - Scott has created his thriving online business from scratch.

And, because he has set it up to run on autopilot, he only needs to spend about an hour a day, yet, as he modestly reveals...

"I wanted to make some more money. And the more I got into it, I found I could make more than just extra money!"

And Scott brings to the table a devastatingly direct approach to finding out what he needs to know, that you'll be able to copy minutes from now.

And we're also put Louis Burleson in the hot seat and coaxed out of him the secret of how he made over $100,000 in a single year. Now Louis is just a regular guy, who -- by his own admission -- hardly knew how to switch on a computer until his daughter needed one for her school work. Yet, now he's online, he's made as much SIX FIGURES IN JUST ONE YEAR. And now he's going to tell you, in his own inimitable style, exactly how he did it.

Two people, living different lives on two different continents, yet both using the same key secret to online success

One of these two guys is perhaps where you are now: one with a very full time job, with family and other commitments, yet he's still been able to have got going online.

The other one closer to that elusive dream of sacking the boss and making big money on line, full time.

Neither knew each other until recently, yet both were fortunate enough to have stumbled over the very same simple way of quickly vaulting THE major hurdle that stops so many people achieving success online.

That major hurdle is TIME. And, let's face it ... you need a heck of a lot of time to create products. Then you need even more time to create content to attract traffic and give them a reason to subscribe to your list. And you need even more time to create even more good content to nourish your list of subscribers and keep them happy enough to stay subscribed.

And here's the secret to success they both discovered...

Multiply your effectiveness and save a whole bunch of time by using professionally created, top quality private label rights to videos, e-books and other materials as products and content. This dramatically SLASHES the amount of time you need to do all this and allows you to effortlessly get far more out of the limited time you have. And, you also side-step having to learn a ton of skills on the way.

Now you're probably familiar with private label rights for e-books and the like. But this is different... very different.

This only works if you source quality material and it only works if you use the very best techniques, which includes the less known techniques of private label rights for video. I'm sure you are aware of how much a major part video is playing in the online world now,
and here's why...

Imagine reading an instruction book on how to tie your shoelaces?


But watch it being done and you quickly grasp how to do it.

That's the most natural, most effective and most retentive way of learning any skill. And there are many skills that people are crying out to learn that you can cater for and make a very nice living
at the same time ... just like Scott and Louis are already doing.

And the result of using high quality "plug-in-and-play" material from selected sources is you can get your business started far faster than you ever dared believe possible and then keep that momentum going until you build it up to a full time income, that only needs part time attendance.

Then, quite suddenly... you'll wake up one day and you'll have that Christmas morning feeling. And you'll wake up with that buzz of excited anticipation every single day from then on, because you'll suddenly realize you've finally achieved that internet lifestyle so many dream of... but so few actually achieve!

And all you need to achieve that "Christmas morning feeling" is contained right here

Once you have access, you'll be astonished to discover secrets like these...

  • The fast track to profits and success (you don't need to spend weeks or months trying to create a product that sells -- simply copy what Scott and Louis do instead).

  • How to pick a winner (along with traffic and conversion the quality of your product is vital for your success. So let "Six Figure Louis B" tell you how to get this right and open the floodgates for huge backend sales!).

  • The real secret to success with private label products (the key strategy that makes your product unique).

  • Why video is the best private label product to sell (your customers will love you for this and so will you).

  • The moment of truth (hear Scott's take on the point in the development of your business when you reach those vital crossroads).

  • The problems of making your own videos (and how you can neatly side-step all that).

  • How to make sure you have bomb-proof web hosting (keeping your site running 24/7/365 is vital. So here's how to make sure it does).

  • How to earn as you learn (here's a great fast track technique that Scott reveals).

  • How to humiliate your competition (while they still hang back in the 20th Century, you'll be racing into the future and making money!).

  • Where to source great private label videos (get this right and you'll blow the lid off your bank account!).

  • How to get your physical products shipped for you (sometimes there's a higher perceived value in sending physical products like CDs, DVDs and here's how you can do that, but without the hassle)

  • The thousand dollar videos (how Louis B has made multiple thousands of dollars from single videos simply by concentrating on this one aspect).

  • Outsourcing your traffic generation (learn how Scott gets the work done while he gets on with driving his truck).

  • The vital statistics of a thriving web site (listen as I check the statistics, traffic levels and links to Scott's "Google PageRank" Three web site -- live, as they talk).

  • The biggest mistake many newbies make (here's how to avoid the BIG LIE often told online).

  • Scott Oliver's secret of success (the two vital secrets that will take you to success).

This really is straight from the horse's mouth, solid gold information from people who are actually doing this, right now - just as you can start doing TODAY! And that's just the start...

Because we've ALSO taken the solid gold of Scott and Louis B's real life experience and studded it with the precious jewels of the twenty years combined experience Jeremy and I have on line. So you get to look at this business from every possible angle. And, because - as the US Military have discovered - learning by watching video is by far the fastest and most effective way to learn and retain information,

I'm giving you these eighty minutes of videos with my compliments...

I've been making a living creating videos for many years. Those years have been crammed with great experience you can use to create your own videos and avoid the mistakes I made on the way.

* Video # One:

A full 24 minutes crammed with astonishing examples of how ordinary people are making extraordinary money using private labels right now. And I've added some really useful techniques you can use right away to make even more money with private label rights and videos.

* Video # Two:

This 27 minute video shows you what you need to know to evaluate private label rights offers and I also talk you through exactly what you receive with private label videos and how you can start working and benefiting with the content.

* Video # Three:

I think you'll be amazed when you watch this 13 minute video and actually see the wide range of niches private label videos can make you money in.

* Video # Four:

In this 16 minute video, you'll discover exactly how to use the private label rights you'll enjoy to the maximum effect. The aim is to show you how you can create a long term passive income, which is the key to online autopilot wealth.


  • How you can fast forward your business into the 21st Century (just keeping up isn't an option, you need to be AHEAD of the curve).

  • The critical steps to perfect video (here's the way to create videos your customers will love watching and so keep coming back for more).

  • How to go with the flow (there's an art to making your videos run in a smooth, logical, easy-to-understand way that keeps viewers wanting more. So here's your masterclass in smooth running).

  • Crash-free video (many people fear videos will crash their server when they get a few visitors, so here's the secret to avoid that misery, permanently!).

  • How to get extra mileage from the same video (the secret of making money with videos is to recycle them. So, here's a simple tactic that breathes new life into your old videos and keeps them as fresh as a daisy).

And again, allow me to introduce my partner in this project, Jeremy Gislason...

Jeremy is one of the internet's leading experts on creating and running high quality membership sites, which is why I wanted him as my partner on this project.

Over the ten years Jeremy has been on line, he has amassed a treasure house of knowledge, which now allows him to effortlessly create membership sites that run practically on autopilot. And many of the techniques he uses he actually developed himself. I'm delighted he agreed to help me on this project and even more delighted he agreed to contribute in a very concrete way to the value you're receiving here...

You see, many people now realize creating membership sites is the perfect way to generate healthy, regular, and passive income that requires only limited attention. So I'm delighted he agreed to share some of his closely guarded insider secrets about exactly how he creates his membership sites. And it doesn't end there...

... because Jeremy is a major user of hard to find, top quality, private label material, his battle-hardened tips are a MUST HAVE for anyone using, or thinking of using, private label products, because, if you don't know what you're doing with that stuff it can be an absolute legal minefield.

And this is just a taster of what you'll be amazed to discover in his fascinating interview
between Jeremy and me...

  • How starting your membership site is actually easier than you might think (and how most of the barriers to success have now been blown away by membership site pioneers, like Jeremy).

  • How to avoid the major problem facing membership site owners (getting fresh, exciting and top quality content is a snap when you are privy to Jeremy's secrets).

  • The fatal mistake you MUST avoid when sourcing PLR content (this one tip alone will save you endless hassle).

  • The amazing software that does it all for you (so simple a child could do it and yet it allows you to create a fully functional membership site within hours).

  • The key secret to avoiding membership dropout (a revolutionary way that avoids the usual problem of losing members after a few months).

  • How to avoid infringing your private label rights (a simple e-mail is all it takes to avoid problems later)

  • The vital subject of your brand (get this right and you'll really stand out in the mind of the public).

And More Interviews On The Way!


Right now you have a choice...

If you are just starting out in this amazing business, you can choose to copy the success of Scott, launch your business with lightening speed and then leave it running on autopilot making, in Scott's own words "... more than just extra money".

Or, if you already have your business running, you can choose to copy what Louis Burleson has done and see if YOU TOO can make those magic six figures in a single year.


You can log off this site and carry on as before, find out stuff the hard way, by trial and error and many wasted
months, if not years, when you could be fast-tracking to the Gold. Maybe you'll find a better answer than this, somewhere, some time in the future. Maybe you won't...

... but this much IS certain
-- if you later decide you really should find out what all the excitement is about, you could return here only to find it will then cost you at least $297.

Right now, you are minutes away from getting a complete masterclass from two regular guys, who have actually achieved exactly what you want to achieve. And this is reinforced  by straight from the coal-face, clear-cut information from two of the most experienced and respected internet marketers, with a full twenty years online experience between them. And given that, if you subscribe today, you are getting all this not just for a month... not just for a year.... BUT FOR LIFE, it really is a complete no brainer, isn't it?

Join now for only $97. We look forward eagerly to welcoming you inside the member's area,

Jeremy Gislason and Louis Allport

P.S. Remember, as soon as you're a member, you can carry on enjoying and using all the great fresh material we have coming onto the site in the coming months and years. And once you have subscribed as a Silver Charter Member, you will never be asked to pay a single cent more ... ever, however much more content we keep adding to the site.

There's no reason on earth, why you should deny yourself the chance of seeing exactly what Scott, Louis B, Jeremy G, Simon H, JP and I have to say. Just one idea you glean could be worth thousands of dollars to you. And yet, you get to try it all for only $97. Sign up right now:




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